Michael Kaplan Review

By George Nicholson | October 26, 2016 | Reviews

As a Christian author (“Christian Warrior Mindset”) and serial entrepreneur who has operated successfully in the business community, I have a clear idea of the challenges we face defining our passion and purpose. Everyone needs a competitive edge to maximize their probability of pursuing a successful career; this includes sound advice, proven strategies and firsthand knowledge of the process. I can state without hesitation that George’s book, “Built on Purpose,” serves that need above and beyond even the highest expectations.

In short, George NAILED IT!

George’s knowledge and extensive experience is apparent in his writing, and should inspire the highest level of confidence and trust for those seeking a guide to the “discovering life’s purpose” process. His demonstrable work product is truly a testament to his passion for theological issues at a critical time when our Brothers and Sisters in Christ need our unconditional support. George presents his valuable insights in a clear and concise manner that is easy to understand and enjoyable to read. I have no doubt this will leave the reader both inspired and enthusiastic about their prospects for successfully pursuing their dreams and vision for their life.

I highly recommend “Built on Purpose” for ALL readers, regardless of their denomination. George’s guidance is both timely AND timeless.

If you or someone you know is attempting to discover their true purpose in life, and seeking definitive guidance from a reliable source, THIS IS IT. I encourage you to BUY it, READ it and RECOMMEND it to every person you know. Thank you, George, for this excellent resource and your unwavering commitment to helping others discover their purpose and find direction for their life.


Michael I. Kaplan

Professional Speaker & Bestselling Author

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