The Book

Built on Purpose is a no-nonsense guide to transforming your life to find purpose and fulfillment. It is for the every person who struggles with finding answers to the questions “Why am I here?” “Where am I going?” and “How do I get there?”

Each of us has the seed of a vision planted in our life. Sadly, most never discover it. Others, once they find it, keep it hidden, because they don’t know how to cultivate it and help it grow; wishes and dreams they put into the “someday” category. What if someday could be today?

Whether you dream of starting a new career, a ministry, building a successful business, or even coaching a championship youth sports team, Built on Purpose is the catalyst to help you break the cycle of complacency and chart a bold new course for your life in pursuit of your vision.

Discover the amazing possibilities for your life through the pragmatic, Christ-centered roadmap in Built on Purpose.

This timely book will inspire you to take fear of failure out of the equation, set your sights on your goals, and confidently chart a new, exciting, fulfilling path for your life.



This book follows the missions of three very different people, in different periods of human history, each in pursuit of their life’s vision. Despite the enormous differences between these visions ‒ their significance and implications ‒ as well as the time periods in which they occurred, you will discover that the journey to transforming a vision into reality follows the same path. You will discover how the One who planted the vision in you has been cultivating the specific gifts, talents, and abilities you will need to transform it throughout your lifetime.

A Foundation of Prayer
It is through constant communication with God that we learn to discern His voice. In a world that screams for our attention and tries to drown out the voice of God, a person who is attuned to communing with God will hear His still small voice amidst all the clamor of the world. There is nothing more critical in transforming a vision into reality than seeking God’s wisdom at the outset.

Have a Vision to Share
In Psalm 139 we read that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” In fact, in the first chapter of the first book of the Bible, Genesis, we learn we are made in God’s image. We are made in the very image of our Creator. Is it any wonder we are blessed with such an amazing God-given gift to imagine? To dream? To create? To see things that don’t exist and transform them into reality?

The Mission: Plan and Prepare
Missions are always in pursuit of a vision. They may be large or small, but they always move us in the direction of our vision. While some missions may take years or even decades to complete, they are finite; they have a beginning and an end.

Make Them Aware
There comes a time when the seedling of your vision needs to break through the soil where you’ve been secretly cultivating it, and become visible to others. As you communicate your vision you will discover those who share your vision, those who are indifferent to it, and those who oppose it.

Build a Team that is Rare
While people may be inspired by and share your vision, asking them to put their trust in you to lead them on a mission to achieve it is another story. To win the loyalty and commitment of your team, you first need to win their hearts.

The Journey There
As you begin a journey your tank is filled with excitement and anticipation. But the road is often long and challenging. It can be mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausting. As you travel along your tank will begin to run low on excitement and anticipation and be replaced by feelings of frustration and discouragement. How do you navigate these feelings when they overwhelm you?

Of Detractors Beware
As you share your vision with others and journey along the path to accomplish your mission, you will encounter six types of people along the way.

Setbacks, Storms, and Stairs
Resistance is not a negative. Resistance is a positive. In the same way athletes use resistance training to strengthen their muscles, resistance to your vision strengthens you, your team, your supporters, and your mission. Resistance will take three different forms: Setbacks, Storms, and Stairs.

Arrived! Finally There
The most challenging part of every mission or journey is the end. One of the great tragedies of life are the myriad of people who fail just short of achieving their goal. The brink of disaster and the brink of a miracle are the exact same point. The only difference is a matter of perspective; which side of the brink you are viewing it from.

Now Where? A New Mission to Plan and Prepare
The successful completion of one mission is not the end of the vision God planted in your life; it is simply a point of transition to the next mission you are to prayerfully plan, prepare, and pursue.