The seed of a vision is planted in our life by God; a vision we are each uniquely created to pursue. No one is without purpose. No one is an accident. Everyone has a God-given vision.

Sadly, most people never discover the vision for their life. Others, hide it away and keep it to themselves because they don’t know how to cultivate it and help it blossom; that elusive dream that is always just out of reach or put into the “someday” category.

The journey to discovering and transforming a life’s vision requires commitment – a Deliberate Obsession – but it begins by taking a deliberate first step.

The Built on Purpose – D.O. itWorkshop is designed to be a catalyst to break the cycle of complacency and inspire people to take fear of failure out of the equation and chart a bold, new, exciting, and fulfilling path for their life.

The half-day (4-hour) workshop is designed to help attendees discover the vision God planted in their life and develop a basic plan for transforming it into reality. Each segment of the workshop provides attendees the opportunity to work in small groups to hone their vision and develop a tangible strategy to move it forward.

During the workshop, attendee’s will:

  • Learn how to discover the vision for their life
  • Create a personal vision statement
  • Identify a mission to launch in pursuit of their vision
  • Create a mission statement
  • Identify a list of trusted advisors and learn how to create a core team that will help them move their mission forward
  • Learn to recognize the six types of people they’ll encounter along the way
  • Be prepared to overcome various challenges they’ll face on their transformative journey

At the end of the workshop each student will share their vision statement and mission statement with the group, and be equipped with a plan to move their mission forward.

Attendees will receive a copy of Built on Purpose: Discover and Transform Your Life’s Vision into Reality, as well as a D.O. it! Workbook to be completed during the workshop. The workbook will serve as a valuable reference tool as they move their mission forward.


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