Daniel W. Sheridan’s Review

By George Nicholson | October 20, 2016 | Reviews

“Many Christians miss out on life. That’s because they’ve been sold on the idea that this life is bad and the future life alone is good. Ancient pagan religions treated life merely as a stepping stone to the next life. They looked to death to rescue them as a “rapture” from the responsibilities and duties of this life. This belief is contrary to Biblical Christian teaching. People of faith are not designed to “survive” life or simply “get by”; they are designed to live by faith. “Live” is the key word. Every area of man’s life – familial, social, economic, and political – is where this faith is lived out.

George Nicholson has done an excellent job bringing this principle out in his wonderful work Built on Purpose. George encourages those searching for direction by showing them, by example and precept, that life isn’t accidental. God created this sphere of activity for His purposes and we have a job to do. George’s work will help you discover a vision for your life and inspire you to live on purpose.”

Daniel W. Sheridan

Pastor, Educator, Author, Speaker, Radio Show Host

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